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EXPIRED - YMMV Quickbooks Pro 2012 for $76.88 + tax FS from Staples
Staples will pricematch BJs price, then you can use a staples coupon you can buy from a certain site that i wont link here.

I will give u the basic run-down. Feel free to PM me.

You need to order thru staples Live Chat available on this page:
(they may give you a problem pricematching in-store or over phone as the skus (item numbers) dont match, but chat is more lenient, if they say no, just insist they are the same item and if not disconnect and try again)

Staples item you want:
BJs item you want them to pricematch (supply staples chat with the link) :

Then purchase a $25 off $75 Staples coupon from The_Site_That_Shall_Not_Be_Named. There is currently one for sale for $1.89 with instant delivery.

Note that the staples coupon must be used within 24-hours of buying it. My advice would be to get a staples chat rep to agree to pricematch and verify that they will let you use your $25 off $75 before you buy it - you will not be able to return it.

So the price comes to:

$99.99 (pricematched price) + $1.89 (price for coupon) - $25 (coupon discount) = $76.88 + tax. Shipping from staples is currently free for orders $45 and over so free shipping!

Pretty good for software that is normally $229. Smilie

Note: BJs has other versions of Quickbooks on discount, so you can probably do a similar deal with the other version as well.

1. QuickBooks Pro 2012 with QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll for Windows
Staples [] pricematch from BJs []. Use $30 off $150 coupon instead of $25 off $75.

2. QuickBooks 2012 for Mac
Staples [] pricematch from BJs []. Use $25 off $75 coupon.

3. QuickBooks Premier Edition 2012
Staples [] pricematch from BJs []. Use $30 off $150 coupon instead of $25 off $75.
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