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Quote from dzap View Post :
How does this save money? I only get small novels/books for Kindle because I can easily highlight and makes notes like a breeze and search key words.

But for to buy used, and sell used. With ebooks for textbooks you can't resell them and they're usually more expensive..because face it..when are you going to use your $80-$400+ textbook more than that one class ever again in your life?

Always buy hard copies if you can when it comes to textbooks and buy them at the right time when everyone else is rushing. Bought a new copy of a history textbook one for $70 from Amazon NEW with prime...sold it used for $80 next semester laugh out loud
sure i agree with you, but many sites now sell ebooks at a fraction of the cost of even rentals. not to mention it sure saves weight in my backpack when i'm taking a few science classes. I'm not saying all textbooks for cheaper as e-books but its getting eaiser to find them these days Smilie

its the same as i'm not replacing my small first gen acer netbook with my touchpad. theres really nothing that netbook can do for me that my touchpad cannot, i even managed to get the keyboard for it. that means no more ac outlet hunting as well. I plan on going full out for the new semester to see how it works.

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