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Quote from chaozz View Post :
why over think it just use the charger it comes with.
Because the charger that comes in this bundle is garbage. If doesn't regulate the charge if the batteries are full or start to get full. This can reduce the life of the batteries.

Whereas if you use an advanced charger like a lacrosse or maha, they use trickle charge technology where they will lower the amount of power it sends to the batteries as they get full, and then send a minimal amount to the battery as it is full and still in the charger. This ensures you don't kill your batteries prematurely and means you can leave them sitting in the charger ready to go (if you like, but there's no need with this low self-discharge batteries).

As far as the Lacrosse chargers go, I've had a BC-900 I've been using since 2007 with no problems whatsoever, so ymmv as far as the melting issues go.