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Quote from bluewhackadoo View Post :
I think most of us don't get eBay bucks Frown So I will one up you and say you can go through a certain unnamed cashback site that will make you fat in your wallet and get 5% cashback.
"Fat in your wallet," too funny, had to rep for that quote. Hopefully they were able to catch on to your hint.

Quote from robstamack View Post :
$19 tax kills it for me, but the price is intriguing. If there was some kind of coupon to apply to this it could be slick.
$265 out the door the other day was the better deal, however I'd prefer to deal directly with Dell with a purchase like this. Unfortunately the 5% CB won’t cover my tax on this deal.

Quote from fvpawli View Post :
Didn't I just get this for $265 on onesaleaday brand new with shipping...
Also bought one with the camera deal for $360 and sold the camera for $85.

This is luke warm at best...
Okay, but that was then, this is now, so unless someone has a time machine it’s a moot point if they need it today. Furthermore, it's interesting how the first page of a thread is usually chocked full of non-value-added troll posts. Wink