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Quote from wolverine88 View Post :
Incorrect, you have to buy Quicken product to get $30 rebate. E.g. get this $45 plus Quicken Starter $30. Then use $25 coupon. You still have to pay $20 after SER + tax.
Quote from sanxxx View Post :
You have to buy a quicken product with this rebate.
Quote from cheeknowe View Post :
It's the correct rebate - like the above poster said, you have to purchase both Quicken AND H&R Block.
OK. This rebate if real is weird. Intuit sells Quicken and Turbo Tax. No relation to H&R Block which took ownership of the competing product which used to be known as TaxCut now H&R Block. Different companies. Why would Intuit reward you for buying a competing product when buying Quicken? Unless this is a Staples rebate from Staples. Still weird. In any case, the OPs deal is wrong. You have to buy tax software (not Turbo Tax) and Quicken. Thumbs down.

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