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Quote from bgammill View Post :
OK. If your Costco does not have this deal, just check, and keep checking all your local stores that sell spiral sliced hams. MANY stores are closing out Spiral hams left over from the holicays. I have been buying spiral hams for years for great prices. Last week, in Houston, Foodarama had spiral hams for $0.99 per lb.

By checking, I mean go to the store, and check the prices on a few spirall hams, with your two eyes. I have seen hams priced at $0.79 in a display case mixed in with other hams at $2.00+ per lb. (that Walmart had 5 $0.79 hams and Many at $2 + but I removed this discrepancy when I left the store, with those 5 hams in tow.)

As far as brand goes, I have NEVER seen a bad spiral sliced ham. It seems every meat packer puts their best meat into this higher priced product line.

One more point, if you can get them, always buy whole spiral sliced hams, if available. If not buy ham HALVES, if available. If neither is available, know that portion hams have some (or all) center slices removed. The difference is Whole hams you KNOW you are getting all the centers...With half hams, you are SUPPOSED to get all the center slices. But human nature being involved, I suspect that some centers go home with the meat cutters. With portion hams, you can be certain that the centers are removed and sold separately.
Finally, I always smoke spiral hams on my indirect bbq grill, for a few hours. A little more Hickory Smoke does wonders for spiral ham.
Thanks for detailed advice. Repped