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Quote from butalearner View Post :
You obviously haven't been following laptop deals lately, otherwise you'd realize them's fightin' words. Smilie

AMD A6 graphics will soundly beat HD3000, until you get up to the upper i5/i7 range where the CPU can compensate. Not only will games run faster, but it'll also do a better job at hardware video decoding on sites like YouTube and if you have video files in supported formats. The processor by itself is slower than a low end i3, however. Luckily, outside of video encoding and compiling software, very few applications are CPU limited. And actually, video encoding should be done on the GPU these days (AMD has a free tool that does this), which would make the A-Series better at that, too.

And you'd also realize that there have been numerous better deals in the past month. There was a Samsung at Best Buy with these specs not a week ago that was $400, and last month (I'm still cursing myself that I missed it) there was an A8 with better specs all around for this same price.
hey man do you have a link for that a8 one????? im new to amd (never had one) but im in the market for a good deal on a laptop.... thanks