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You do not Need to be a Costco member to purchase them online but you do need to create a new account with them and you will be charged 4 $ extra ....NOT TRUE
Put the desired quantity of tickets in your cart, and go to checkout. Fill out the new registration, as if you were joining, with an email address and everything. THEN add 111778159721 on the Membership ID line. Thanks Worldco for the number.

Gold Ticket
*Covers price of NORMAL ticket (you will be charged whatever upcharge there is for 3D, IMAX, or IMAX 3D)
*No Restrictions (meaning you can use even for movies that say 'no passes')
*No expiration date

I bought 10 2 packs of these tickets at Costco Galleria in Houston. The greeter at the door had one of the cardboard sales vouchers. Inside, there were a bunch of vouchers on display near the front entrance. You only need one voucher, then tell the cashier the quantity that you want to purchase. Per, a Costco manager type, there is NO LIMIT, but there IS A LIMIT OF 10 rebates per member. At checkout, there was NO SALES TAX CHARGED!! The physical tickets are located in the secure storage area, and a manager type hands out the tickets and initials the sales slip over the line showing the tickets sold.

Actually buying at local store 2-pack for $12 is cheaper upto 10 packs (i.e. 10 tickets for $60 compared to $63 online). Here is the link at costco website, showing the prices.

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