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Quote from getdealsonline View Post :
I couldn't get this thing to work ... anyone can offer a step by step way to get this extra space... thanks!!

on windows 7
Before doing this make sure you install the beta version of dropbox (from the forum link)
1) Find a removable storage device (usb drive is what I used)
2). Transfer 4.5GB (or more) worth of photos to a folder named DCIM in the root of the drive (not sure if this is necessary, I did it as a precaution).
3). Unplug the drive and plug it back in
4). In the autoplay window that pops up select "Import pictures and videos using dropbox"
5). A bubble notification on the notification bar should say "Finding photos to upload, click here for info." Click it.
6). Let the photos import to your dropbox folder (wait till the bar fills up).
7). Your dropbox folder should open after it finishes. Go ahead and delete all the photos. You don't need to actually let it upload.
8). Another notification should say that your space has been increased.

Alternatively, if you don't have 4.5GB of photos, just repeat the process twice. You might need to reupload the photos into your usb drive for it to work, not sure.
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