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any reason you couldn't use the mastercard one for groceries? or gas? i mean i think that's the way to go honestly thanks op! hadn't noticed this on my own!

personally I would think this would depend on the store. I'm pretty positive the one I currently shop at wouldn't do things such as that! I prefer to buy my meat there as compared to Kroger honestly! And I never buy pork anyways.... but I don't doubt that stuff like that isn't done ever! Trust me, I know it does.... but I'm' really positive my store doesn't

Quote from Asryn View Post :
Yeah I remember hearing about that too and dont shop there:

"...which included bleaching discolored, expired pork with Clorox and repackaging expired meats with new expiration dates, and the use of nail polish remover to remove the expiration dates from dairy item packages."

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