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Quote from Mageshadow View Post :
Eh... I don't know - I wanna do it but I look at the website URL and it starts with www311 something.. seems fishy to me - I don't want my identity stolen over $25
don't worry about that. That's just a subdomain of americanexpress.

The important part is making sure to look at the SSL certificate when you order, and make sure that A) it's legitimate and not expired, ie with a root certificate from Verisign, B) that the cert is specifically issued for the exact name of the domain that you expect, ie. and C) that you trust the company that they claim they are.

In addition, I notice that the certificate is one of those that makes the url bar in IE turn green. Verisign doesn't just issue those certs to any joe blow company.The company i work for had to go through some checking and verification to get on of those. I think we're ok.

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