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You can file a complaint with the Comptroller of the Currency and that really rings their bell!!

AMEX is not honoring the deal for those that did not receive the original targetted promotion. Please spend the effort to call Amex and make them send you a refund check. This is the best revenge as they will get little from this whole thing and be out the postage and effort of refunding everyone while not making a dime from merchants. If you spend the cards they win by getting your money upfront and then collecting merchant fees each time you purchase something. Don't give them the satisfaction. Please, everyone denied a bonus, call Amex and get a refund check. This is our best option.

LIKE I POSTED BEFORE and slickdeals deleted it. This offer was FRAUD by AMEX!!!

Beware of fraud from American Express They did NOT honor their offer for the $25 gift card!!!
From their email to me:

Important Information About The American Express® Prepaid Card $25 Gift Card Offer

Thank you for ordering the American Express® Prepaid Card. Unfortunately you are not eligible for the promotion entered with your order and we are unable to send you a $25 bonus Gift Card. We hope this does not cause you any inconvenience.


1. Visit the American Express website link here (copy/paste):
2. Create the account. On the first page, enter promo code AEPC25.
3. Choose "I will load the Card with cash, or add a funding source at a later time"
4. Receive the Card via Mail in 5 business day
5. Load the card with $25 within 45 days
6. Receive a $25 Amex Card in 45 days
7. Use the $50 (Buy any item online, in shop or withdraw via any ATM; be aware that many banks charge ATM fees for AmEx. In addition, AmEx will waive its ATM fee once, it is $2 thereafter)

When signing up, before actually hitting the final submit button - is there verification that the code worked?

How many Cards can a person order?
An adult over the age of 18 may order and manage up to three American Express Prepaid Cards in total (including if one is purchased for him/herself). Each American Express Prepaid Card User can have only one Card in his or her name.

How do I order a Card for myself?
You must be 18 years of age or older to order the Card. If you are purchasing the Card for yourself, simply click Get A Card, and enter your personal information in BOTH the 'Card User' and 'Card Purchaser' areas of the order form. For any questions, please call Customer Service at 1-866-207-7970 (International Collect 1-801-849-2000).

Roadside Assistance
Through Roadside Assistance, American Express may arrange for five (5) basic emergency roadside services to be provided to Card Users: (i) towing to nearest available repair shop or preferred destination depending provider availability; (ii) jumpstarts when a battery is dead; (iii) delivery of up to two (2) gallons of gas; (iv) locksmith service if keys are locked in the car; and, (v) changing of a flat tire if the car has a workable spare. All costs associated with these emergency roadside services are the responsibility of the Card User. These services are available when a Card User and a licensed driver are present,or the Card User is licensed themselves. Services are available regardless of mileage from primary residence when traveling within the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Additional terms & conditions apply

Just want to remind you what happened in Oct 2010, all orders canceled... even though the code was on AMEX's website - Because they were using INVITATION ONLY promo codes!!! Everybody got the regular $25 credit for the PASS card ... some have to call in.

To unsubscribe from receiving text alerts, text "STOP" + last 4 card number digits to <91315>, i.e. "STOP XXXX".

I would advise everyone to keep thier AMEX prepaid cards open until they have received and used their gift cards. It has been mentioned that it has caused problems in the past if the account is closed.


1. I ordered 3 cards. Do I create separate accounts for all 3 cards or will they show up under one account?


Load with Cash(if you dont want to use bank account)

A MoneyPak is an easy way to load cash onto your Card. The Card Purchaser may buy a MoneyPak at stores nationwide, including major retailers such as Walmart, CVS/pharmacy, Kmart, Rite Aid, 7-Eleven and Walgreens. Follow the directions below to successfully load cash to your Card.

Pick up a MoneyPak from the prepaid product section and take it to the register.
Give the cashier the amount of cash you want to load to the Card (up to $500). A MoneyPak purchase fee of up to $4.95 will be added to your purchase.
Visit or call 1-800-GREENDOT to transfer funds from the MoneyPak to the Card. You will need to provide the American Express Prepaid Card number and the MoneyPak number.
Limited time offer: add cash to the Card with a MoneyPak and American Express will refund the purchase price of the first MoneyPak you use to load the Card.2

You may load any amount from $25 to $500 onto a MoneyPak at most retailers. However, a MoneyPak loaded with more than $500.00 cannot be used to load the Card. You may currently load up to $500 a day to the Card, but cannot exceed a balance on the Card of $2,500 at anytime. Green Dot charges fees to purchase and use a MoneyPak, but there are no additional fees assessed by American Express for a cash load.


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