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Quote from cheneric View Post :
I see a lot of you guys drink coffee. I personally don't, but I'm interested in buying a coffee maker for my dad. He buys a venti from starbucks every single day and I feel like he's not getting quality coffee and wasting money. Can anyone point me in the right direction here? I want to save my dad money and give him some quality coffee.
Thought I would weigh in on this one. I see a lot of people say they like the coffee a Keurig makes. And that is fine - since tastes vary.

I bought a B40 Elite a couple of weeks ago and therefore have not had lots of experience with it, but I do like my coffee strong and can tell strong coffee from weak coffee. What I am getting out of the B40 is pretty weak (with each of the samples that were included: Newman's, Timothy's, Green Mountain, Donut House - they all seem weak to me. And they are all at the 8 oz setting, not the larger 10 oz btw). If your dad likes a Starbucks coffee, my guess is that he will not be happy with the Keurig.

Bottom line and this is solely my opinion: The Keurig is mighty convenient, but I think I will return it because of the weak coffee it makes. Not for me.