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Staples App Thread
Please, no requests for app coupons or app coupon trades here. Post your requests or trade offers in the
Staples Coupon Thread

1. What's the Staples app?
This is an app from Staples that provides access to your Staples account, as well as Staples rewards account, and provides some useful tools.
You can read more about it here: Linky []

2. How can I get it?
Android version is here: Linky []
iOS version is here: Linky []
Any android phone or iPhone will work. In addition, you can install it on iPod Touch, iPad, Android Tablets, or HP TP running Android.

3. What's "check-in"?
When you are in a Staples store, you can click on the "Check in" button, and once your location is determined by the app, you'll be presented with a confirmation, and a coupon will be issued. The coupons state that they expire in 24-48 hours after they are issued, but in reality they can be used until the "real expiration date" (see WiKi for details). Please note that you do NOT need to sign into your Staples and/or Staples rewards account to receive the check in coupons. Coupons are generated once per device every 24 hours if you check in every 24 hours once the previous coupon has expired. The store makes no difference to the process. Multiple store check-ins in the same 24 hours does not get you any more coupons. You get the same one with the same 16 digit code. Since the device number is stored at a Staples server and coupons are per device, multiple devices will give you unique coupons per device.

4. Do I have to be physically in the store to check in?
Luckily, the answer is no. You can "spoof" your location by using certain apps that trick your phone to report specific coordinates. Depending on the app, you can either enter the coordinates of a Staples store or find it on a map and use that to create check in coupons from home/work.
For Android, Fake GPS [] works great, along with few other examples (e.g., Location Spoofer, etc). For iOS devices, please see the WiKi (you need to jail break your iOS device).

5. Can I keep the coupons beyond the 24-48 hour expiration time frame?
Yes. If you take a screen shot of the coupon, you can keep it and use it later. On some Android phones, as well as iOS devices, pressing down power and home (or power and volume down) buttons simultaneously takes a screen shot. For devices that don't have this "built in", there are 3rd party apps.

6. Are the coupons random?
As of now, they seem to follow a certain sequence as outlined in the Wiki.

7. Can I stack these coupons with other app and/or paper coupons?
The % off coupons stack with $ off coupons. If you have 1 app coupon and 1 paper coupon (in either format), it will work "easier" compared to having 2 app coupons, since you are not supposed to have 2 of them at the same time. You can try printing out some of the app coupons to combine them.

8. Can I obtain any other coupons, in addition to the check in coupons, from the app?
The app generates coupons that can be used in store, online or over the phone. You can log into your Staples Rewards account from the app and access your Coupon Wallet and use whatever coupons you may have in there based on their T&Cs (e.g., in store only, online/phone only, etc). Those coupons have nothing to do with the app; they are under your Staples Rewards account and can be accessed from the web interface using a PC or directly from the mobile app.

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