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Quote from unlockedshaders View Post :
You need to sign 3 long waivers, which include approving media coverage of you during the contest for their marketing use. That said, they were not taping anyone or taking any pictures whatsoever, just trying to get everyone processed quickly.

BEWARE, I recommend you backup and then full wipe + factory reset your phone before you hand it over to them (don't forget your sim / mem card). In the recycling waiver, you give them the right to power on and inspect the contents (software) of your phone!
it's just a standard disclaimer. my guess is that they contracted with a 3rd party. but of course, before selling or giving or trading the phone, you should always do a full wipe.

Quote from unlockedshaders View Post :
It depends, I would say their "house rules" apply. This is one instance where it doesn't hurt to call! Just explain to them that you either don't have 3G or WiFi, there's a good chance they'll let you compete anyways, especially if your goal is to "lose" in order to get a free phone.
yeah, the rule is up to them. i'd agree to just call and ask.

Quote from chenga91 View Post :
Do they give you a new SIM card? If so, do they let you transfer contacts over?

I was looking at reviews and theyre pretty similar spec-wise, though reviewers usually say that Focus S has better camera/video. Also the build quality is different. Focus S is plastic (so less durable) but much lighter, whereas the Titan is metal (more solid) and heavier. Battery life for Focus S is a tad better, but most smartphones only last 1-2 days anyways.
You should call and ask about the sim. I know that Verizon allows you to back up using back up assistant, or android allows you to back up contacts to the sd card.

the Titan is 6oz. the Focus S is 4oz. that's a huge weight difference. the Focus S is typical build to other Samsungs. Titan feels like a tank compared to the Focus S.

Quote from runtohell121 View Post :
Damn.. I'm really considering charging up my Nokia Xpressmusic 5800 and losing the challenge to get a new HTC Titan or Samsung Focus S (if those are the only 2 AT&T choices)

Or maybe my first get iPhone... LMAO
there are smaller phones, i don't remember all, but I am sure at&t had more phones.

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