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Quote from hsh2489 View Post :
I have motorola droid (1st gen) on verizon 3g unlimited. Do they have verizon phone? If yes, am going to be continue to get unlimited 3g?

no, you don't lose anything. the only verizon phone there is the htc trophy which was released back in 2010, so it is an older phone. not as old as your droid of course which was released in 2009.

Quote from dubc View Post :
Thanks y'all
Hmmm closest store is 10 hours away. 4 tanks of gas round trip (about $160) for 2 brand new windows phones. decisions decisions......
They are doing the Radar and 710 for Tmobile right? I might take the trip lol
well, factor in the wear and tear and insurance costs. Federal rederal reimbursement per mile is $0.55 per mile, so i'm assuming the "cost" of the trip would be much higher. of course, if you can get a rental car for 1 day, then i think that that would be a better option than putting all that mileage on your car.

yes, they have the radar. i believe they had the 710 as well. but if you are driving that far, call your store to confirm that they have it in stock. when i went yesterday, i wanted the Titan, but it was OOS.

Quote from ppysr View Post :
Anyone know if they will choose a random challenge or you can pick any one of the five listed?

Also, is the Lumia 800(non bundle) available? Lumia 800 and HTC Titan are the only two phones that I want....

call the store and ask. it does say that Microsoft can select at "it's sole discretion" in the rules. But of course, the store may let you choose.

I asked about the 800, they said it was excluded. Again, different stores may have different policies, i would suggest you call and ask.

Quote from jwect View Post :
Thank you! Sorry for the barrage of questions, do you happen to know if ... they let them choose any phone, or one specific to their carrier? Does Bellevue still have the Radar in stock? Did they let them use wi-fi to compete?

Repped - Thanks again!
All this is dependent on the store. But in my situation, they let me choose any phone that was in stock, and did not have to be the same phone as my carrier. The rules do not mention whether or not you can use wifi, so it would be at the discretion of the store. you should call and ask.

Quote from chenga91 View Post :
Which placedid you go to? I called the Microsoft Store in Costa Mesa on Saturday and they said that the contest would start at 11am on Sunday (that's when they open).
Again, it is at the discretion of the store. My store opened at 10 AM but when I called, they said that they would start the contest at 12.

Quote from vas0122 View Post :
Asking the Q again. Will my 3yr old Symbian N79, the so called Smartphone of that era qualify to "loose"?
I have the Tmo 4G sim into it where as the N79 can eat only 3G!

If not I need to run behind crap gen1 Bot's off Clist Frown

Any suggestion helps. Cause I have exactly 8hrs to stand in front of M'soft store Big Grin
It depends on the store. The rules do not state OS, it just says the smartphone must complete the challenge. Whether or not they consider the n79 to be a smartphone would be their call. But most likely, they will take it, since they aren't losing anything in this deal. They did say that it was geared mainly toward android, bb, and iphone, but they did accept my Palm Pixi plus. I should also point out that I saw an n79 sell for near $100 on ebay recently. you can get the Palm Pixi Plus new for under $50.