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I went to my local Microsoft store today and did the challenge and tied their rep with my Droid 2.

My challenge was to find local movie listings, playing time, and location. They had me restart my phone before the challenge, then connect to their store wifi. Me and the rep sat our phones down on the table exactly the same time, so it was a tie. We read their rules and it said in case of a tie, the customer is considered the winner, but right after that line it said the manager had the final decision and judgement.

So the manager came over and said it's only a tie, but technically I won so I tried to point it out to him on the rules, but he told me he made a decision and it's a tie and that's that. To make it up he gave me the Nokia Lumia 800 Bundle. I'm pretty happy with the result because going in I didn't think my Driod 2 would stand a chance against a challenge that's designed to favor windows phones.