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Quote from walter7 View Post :
And besides, who the hell measures a phone based on how fast it can show the weather? Really, is that all you've Windows Phone fanboys have? No wonder you're so butthurt. Might as well just tune into the radio if all you need is the weather.
Well, the only thing the Android fanbois have is that their phones suck ass so they can / have to / want to customize it.

They designed the phone to get in and out. The example you used was the weather, but they also use FB as an example, emails, twitter, all that stuff.

But, as you helped me show...Android holds nothing against WP unless you have a couple of hours to spare and an extremely above average knowledge of all software. I do not see how the general public would ever buy an Android over a WP. At least iOS holds a status symbol, but WPs are cheaper, can do more with less, include more software out of the gate (native) and zero no bloatware, easier to pick up and use, plus connect better with your Windows PC
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