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Quote from Tnyc View Post :
Olympus EM-5 is the hot new mirrorless camera at the moment and should equals or beats this puny Nikon in every area.....if you have money to burn of course.
The Olympus E-M5 (not EM-5) has been blown way out of proportion by hopeful fanboys. If you're familiar with the Panasonic m4/3 lineup, it is basically Olympus' version of a G3/GH2. If you imagine a GH2, with a G3 sensor, add weather sealing, you have the E-M5. This means that it will be about half a stop better at high ISO, but a little worse at dynamic range than the GH2. The tradeoffs are that the GH2 has a far superior video mode, the multi-aspect sensor that lets you change ratios without cropping the image, and a built-in flash. The Olympus advantages are weather sealing and built-in image stabilization. It's a nice showing from Olympus, but it isn't a gamechanger in any way, especially when the Panasonic G3 has had identical image quality to the E-M5, has been out for a year, and costs $550. Respectable, especially for the size, but nothing new here. The Olympus can shoot static subjects at 9 fps, but turn on focusing and that drops to 4 fps. Plus, as others mention, it still has useless C-AF and motion tracking. Also, as I mentioned, the J1 has those crazy features like 60fps, motion picture, etc.

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Good points.

I'm curious. Does the VR work with those lenses on this camera? 810mm equivalent with a tiny body with no balance seems tough to get a clean shot without keeping it at 1/1000.
Yes VR works, but I still wouldn't try to handhold that extreme focal length. At least use a monopod, the FT-1 has a tripod screw built in.

Use google and flickr to find discussions and examples, but one I found was:

Considering you can buy pro-level telephoto primes like the 300mm f/4 AF-S, the Nikon 1 is very well the cheapest and lightest way to get pro-level extreme safari optics. A 55-200mm VR + 300mm f/4 would rock anything. As soon as Nikon releases a 70-200mm f/4, it'll be even better. They filed a patent on it, and it would make sense because right now your only telephoto choices are a $500 lens or a $2,500 lens, so they definitely have a market segment to fill, but the natural disasters over there have really set them back. Of course, you could always use Sigma lenses, which if you're willing to get over the stigma of third party optics, are actually quite respectable. Something like their 70-200mm f/2.8 or 150mm macro are really good lenses. I use the old 50-150mm, and while it's not as good as the Nikon 70-200mm of course, it's the best optics you can get for the price.

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That is not ture. Many people misunderstood that rule. These smaller sensor just crop off the picture to give you the DX lens 1.6x or NIKON 1 2.7x effect. So u still keep 1/300 will be ok. I have the V1, the flash, and the adaptor for all my NIKON lens. Keep in mind, only AF-S get auto focus, and I use manual lens the camera will tell your focus point > or < to adjust. The main selling point is 60 shots per sec. U will not miss your shot, but it is a lot of picture to select when u move to your computer. Good luck.
Unfortunately, it is true Frown Since that 300mm lens now covers such a narrow angle of view, any shakiness on your part is magnified. It's all about the angle of view of the lens. A wide angle lens that captures a 40 degree scene won't have any real noticeable effect by a half-degree shake of your hand. That half-degree shake is disastrous when you're using a lens with a 2 degree angle of view.