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Quote from KingWulfgar View Post :
To be fair, he's not just blowing smoke. A lot of higher-end cars (especially German ones) have a higher spec for oil. My turbo-charged Audi requires specifically rated oil and I wouldn't be surprised if some BMWs do too.=
That is a because it is a turbo, not because it is German or better or worse. Turbos run at much higher rpm (50K+ rpm) and higher temperatures than the average engine bearing or clylinder wall and therefore have much tighter tolerances. Since a turbo unit is cooled and lubricated with engine oil, the manufactor might suggest a specific oil grade, viscosity, change interval, oil type etc above and beyond what the engine itself requires. An oil or an oil additve you put in yourself that does great at 8K rpm on an engine bearing might not be adequate on a bearing in a turbo spinning at 50K rpm. This has nothing to do with being high end, exotic, or special. Just good engineering practice. Research some supercharger and turbo kits for any car, most will suggest switching to at least pure synthetic and some specific viscosity and change requirement. Some car companies just might standize on a few specific oils as well for consistancy. Ford did this years ago with suggesting 5W-20 sythetic blend for just about everything they make now, they even made it the suggested oil for older cars that were originally designated to take 10W-30 conventional. My comment is a generalization, every engine and situation is different.

General comment to no one specific.
Getting involved in oil threads on slickdeals is a no win situation. For some stupid reason, I still do it

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