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Quote from kart007k View Post :
What is the issue?
every weekend Bioware has a multiplayer event. sometimes, in addition to extra XP, they offer special packs for participation and/or completing challenges. I believe the PS3 players get the extra XP, or at least it seems like we did early on. I stopped playing on PS3 because Sony evidently won't let Bioware collect the data needed to figure out who deserves packs.

There is nothing in the packs that you can't otherwise acquire in the multiplayer, but a big part of the multiplayer is earning credits to buy packs so you can upgrade your characters and gear. So missing out on these packs, especially the ones that promise rare items, can be a little annoying.

If you don't care about multiplayer, or figure you will play it only casually, don't give it a second thought, get the PS3 version if that is your platform of choice. But if you are the kind of player who wants to acquire everything as quickly as possible, and who will want to play a lot of multiplayer (it can be addictive) you might want to avoid the PS3 version, if you have a choice.

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