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Thatmay be true but......

Better to overbuild than underbuild..Moore's law pushed me to the i7 and the MOBO is the foundation of the system......As per the MOBO....I would have used the ASROCK Exreme 3 Gen 3 but no forward USB 3.0 support which I need.

SSD....once you have one.....its a real time saver. Time is money. Unless one is unemployed.

We are talking about building a computer that is high quality...not a scrimpy setup so I can spend 1/2 my cash on a SLI GPU setup-that's insane.

400 for the PC; 400 for the GPU-get a job guys.


I would not have got a HAF 912 cuz you get what you pay for and Corsai'rs cable mgmt is far superior to a 912/932. It's one of the highest rated cases out there. that or a Fractal.

Corsair Vengeance 1666 for 35....perhaps...I do pharmaceutical consulting work from my PC so my time is balanced...the time to save 25 bucks on RAM may cost me 125 for the 30 minutes I am looking.

The i7 cost the same as the i5-so I went w/the superior processor.

I run the 212 as the ProGen3 has auto overclocking and I don't trust the POS that came with the Intel.

I may add a GPU in the near better to build up then down.

I could have just bought the 8300, but these HP/Dell/whatever built computers are under PSU-d and use junk parts.

Nothing like the satisfaction of a well built computer with the best of parts.

I'm 49 and don't have time (nor the desire) to play games.

I'd rather earn money, travel and have a well built PC vs. the junk I have purchased custom built from HP/Dell.

But that's just my perogative...To each his own.....

No offense to gamers...Just to old to appreciate it.