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Quote from rman View Post :
hey guys, I think you need to balance between kissing ass and giving feedback to improve things around here. Lets not forget that we are the reason slickdeals exists. And just by participating on this site, we are helping slickdeals. Tit for Tat.

Having said that, I would advise we use this opportunity [how often do we have the CEO's ear to our posts?} to make some positive change. Quit praising and provide specific suggestions on how to make the slickdals experience better for us, their clients.
Some of us are more visible then others, but I believe we are fairly in tune with our community.

Quote from rman View Post :
Here are a few I can think off..

1. Before making radical changes to the User interface, I would suggest creating a thread to solicit feedback. I was really thrown off by the changes that got shoved down our throats couple of years back and had no way to express my opinion.
UI changes take time to get used to so all we ask is to give it 15-30 days for yourself to get acclimated to it. When we release UI changes, there are several things that we can do depending on the size of release. For more bigger changes such as the personalization feature, we will soft launch it on and solicit feedback. For the smaller stuff such as the unread bubbles, we'll push it right out. We are always open to suggestions so long as it makes sense for us.

Quote from rman View Post :
2. Learn from competitor , remove "only".. They provide a simple page where I can view all deals with pictures and such.
Are you talking about the frontpage in "grid" mode? That is picture mode for FP deals. If you're talking about the Hot Deals forum, we can't feature the deals in picture mode if there are no pictures attached to the deal. However, we are already working on grabbing images from the merchants automatically and will start to allow the community to collabrotively attach images to the deal.

Quote from rman View Post :
3. Remove the silly banning of competitor names in all our posts as has been done in above point. It shows lack of maturity or confidence and displays paranoia
I don't think that's lack of maturity or confidence. If anything, it's just good business sense. Regardless, our policy on competitors is this: If they have a community and censor Slickdeals, we will block them and if they don't have a commmunity, we are free to decice whether to block them or not.

Quote from rman View Post :
4. Make something meaningful out of the rep points. Right now, I care as much about a rep point as a fly on the roof of my car. How to make it more meaningful? Here are some suggestions -
Ability to rep is good, but also have the ability to express disapproval and have it tracked just like the reps
have periodic drawings and offer prizes for good helpful posts and so on
We have initial ideas on a point system that is separate from rep points. It is further down in our long list of projects.

Quote from rman View Post :
Promise us that you will never attempt to trick us, into assuming an ad is actually a deal. This doesnt mean, you simply place a tiny font size caption calling it an ad, but what I mean is do not give up real estate that is meant for deals to ads.. like how Google bastardized its results page

etc. I will let you know if I think of anything else.
Here is a link to our FP commitment.
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