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Quote from ACTORD View Post :
Do you think there will be Dad/Grad deals/steals coming up soon?

What are these T3i pkgs you're speaking of? I'm not seeing any standout stellar ones that don't require me to do the stupid printer thing..

Good sir (or anyone), can you list what lenses are good yet affordable to get other than the obvious kit 18-55mm/18-135mm walkarounds, 50mm 1.8, and the 55-250mm lenses? I know enough that good glass makes a body standout, but I'm not looking to spend more than the cost of the body itself.

Also interesting that you say the 70-300mm is no good. (Relatively.) Any others I shouldn't waste my time/money on? I would have jumped on it since that $100 is so cheap.. especially with coups avail out there..

Thanks for anyone's two cents.
70-300 is good, that was a typo. I had that for a while, but I'd rather have the 70-200mm f/4 USM, though I'm saving my pennies for the 70-200mm f/4 IS.

There are several good lenses, but they tend to be off brand like Tamron, Sigma, etc. Honestly... I stick with Canon. I may pay a premium for the lenses, but their resale value is usually better. I'd probably suggest a 15-85mm as your best bet for getting a good lens that is somewhat affordable.

Also, T2i is the next step up over the T3... and that is a really good camera.

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