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Quote from ThoreauHD View Post :
How do your competitors steal content when you are stealing content- aka aggregation. I think there's a flaw in your logic. I don't mind that you made a choice. But be straight forward about it.

Just say "I want you monkeys to click our link when we steal, errr, aggregate content. The end."
Let me point out that the majority of content on our website is posted by our users and found by our users. We don't always know where the content comes from because they're posted by users, however, the a good chunk of deal content on the web starts on Slickdeals and spreads to other websites. We've done tests with exclusive offers to see how they spread to other sites Wink and they always do. I don't necessarily mind that it spreads, as long as they dont copy content verbatim. But as many others have said, we also choose not to promote our competitors.

The differentiating factor is that Slickdeals has scale and size in its community. People come here first because they know that's where the deals usually start. Other deal websites don't have as large a community, and some dont even have a community at all. Those that don't have a community have employees who look for content.

Quote from rman View Post :
what is a half bot?
Is Selma a girl?
Is Selma a team?
Is Selma a guy?
Is Selma a program?

I suspect Selma is just a team.. of deal hunters who are on Slickdeals payroll.. It just makes sense. Any other explanation does not make sense.
Selma is not employed by Slickdeals, she is not paid by Slickdeals, she has refused swag from us, and as far as we know, does not work for any of the merchants. We've never met her, but we've talked to her. Based on her history of posts, ips, computers, we know its probably a single person, although we have seen someone claiming to be her sister on the site using her account. She identifies herself as a woman.

She is not a bot. she is a real person. She has feelings. She gets upset when we merge things wrong or do something wrong. We've tried to reach out to her and give her stuff as thanks, and she doesnt even want it.

Asked why she does it, she says she does it for the community.

You may say "its impossible for one person to do this" and I retort that it is... if you had the drive and effort... You can see how sparse she is with posts, and how cut and dry it is, she's got the timing down to a science, but even she still makes mistakes.

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