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Quote from blastingcap View Post :
There is a difference between "tri ply" and "tri ply CLAD." If it has steel over aluminum in the base only, it's one of many cheapo sets and not worth more than $75 at most, imho. If it has steel-over-aluminum running all the way up the sides, it is tri-ply clad, like Tramontina and All-Clad. This is what I mean by the stainless-aluminum-stainless sandwich running up all the way the sides: https://images-na.ssl-images-amaz...K-core.jpg (If that link doesn't work, see: )

If you want to take a photo of the edges of the pots (may have to take it from the side, not the top/bottom due to the curled lips), that would be useful. Given that it's Costco and the price level, it would be very disappointing if it were merely tri-ply rather than tri-ply clad. Since the box does not say the magic word "clad," I suspect that it might not be fully cladded. That would make this an ice cold deal. Even if it were fully cladded, it's still just a very warm/not quite hot deal considering that the Walmart BHG set goes for $129, albeit with worse sizing: Those who prefer stainless steel lids won't go for either of those sets, of course.

I wrote a summary of the state of tri-ply CLAD cookware a long time ago that I think is still relevant, even though Walmart discontinued their 11-piece set. For those interested, see:
informative post.. can any one take pictures to see if it's multi clad