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I agree with you DarkAmeba. I have been batting around the safe you are looking at too. I have seen your safe and am very impressed by it. I don't think there is anything within $500 that can touch it. I would love to see one of these safes so I can make my final decision. Really the only thing I really like about this safe is the extra foot of height. It is great for storing important papers and jewelry.

Like I said before I think there are better safes on the market as far as being more secure but not for anywhere close to this price. The really high end safe makers will knock this safe for using sheetrock as fire protection but most all the safes under a few thousand dollars do.

For me the big thing is the warranty. Another poster said he had problems with his lock. From what I have read Rhino has improved the lock but Costco will take the safe back anytime you are not happy with it anyway. I have seen stuff taken back years later.