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Quote from trikster2 View Post :
So I snagged a Canon SX40 for $250 from Amazon but I still have it NIB.

Should I gift that one and get the sony instead? What does the extra $158 get me?
The flash on the Canon doesn't automatically pop up when needed for a shot. You have to manually lift it (which I find irritating). I spent a lot of time researching trying to decide between the SX40 & the HX100 (2011 version of Sony HX200). It seemed for fast action shots (like shooting sports), the Sony was better (which is what I wanted it for). The reviews also made it seem like it was easier to get a clear shot with no tripod & long zoom using the Sony. 98% of the shots I take at 30x zoom are clear as long as I try to keep my hands still. I do sometimes notice the color will be off in pictures. I took a picture of a pitcher wearing a white jersey & on his arm that is throwing there looks like a fuzzy blue line on his jersey.

Depending on what you want the camera for, if you can get the Canon under $300 I would give it a shot over the HX200 for $400.