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NOTE: I've also written 2 other long responses in this thread that may have already answered your questions:

Quote from geowasp View Post :
can some one comment on the list of video cards under "capability of print outs" section? I have a Radeon 5770, which has a "no" next to it. does that mean my vid card doesn't support this rez? (pretty sure the 5770 supports up to 2560x1600.... )

what do they mean by "capability of print outs" ?
Quote from NOCAN View Post :
I'm in the same boat with a 5770. Does anyone know what that "Capability of Print Outs" table at the bottom of the ebay page means? Will my vid card not work with this monitor? Thanks!
Most video cards will work with the monitor; for more info see my post here:

Quote from ShiZero View Post :
It actually does greatly, thank you.

Been considering one of these even though I really want the 3011H. I do draw a lot on my tablet and the larger screen, and especially the larger resolution, would be a huge benefit, but wasn't sure if at this price it would be worth it.

Lack of RGB adjustments does kill it for me, and at $450 I might just shell out the money for the 30" from Dell... That is, once I can save up for it.
I bought and sold my 27" Korean s-IPS monitor for the same reasons. Yes you could color-calibrate in software, but it's a pain to do so since some programs ignore color profiles, and I've seen glitches even on the desktop.

Quote from uncivilizedamd View Post :
What's better for doing picture editing i.e. photoshop work, the catleap, shimian, or crossover?? thankss
Quote from obiwan0k View Post :
I just bought Auria brand from local Microcenter for $399 + tax. Tempting to return it and get this instead. Any thought?
Auria, Hazro, Crossover, Achieva Shimian, PC Bank, Catleap etc. are ALL using the same slightly-defective LG panels. Repeat: ALL of these cheap 27" 2560x1440's are using A- grade LG panels. Collectively they are the cheap Korean 27" S-IPS monitors flooding ebay right now. They are good monitors for the price, but they come with caveats which I detailed in my other post:

In other words, the picture quality is very close to the name brand versions from Apple/Dell/HP/etc. but with a near-guaranteed defect (since if it were defect-free it would be an A or A+ monitor and sold for a much higher price). The defect is usually pretty small though and something that most home users could probably live with. The bigger problem may be the lack of scaler or OSD or calibration tools or inputs, unless you pay $450+ but at that point you are getting pretty high up there in price and for a few hundred more, you could get a a name-brand 27" and get better support and warranty.

Quote from Kublakhan View Post :
If you play a game at non-native resolution of 1080p, will it look as good as a native 1080p screen?
Of course not. Always run things at native resolution if possible. By the way, 2560x1440 is massively more pixels than 1080p so you would take a corresponding massive hit to framerate. You can claw back some of those frames by turning of anti-aliasing, though, as these 27" monitors are so densely packed with pixels that you no longer really need AA.

Quote from Br0wNb0y View Post :
Will this work with a Radeon 5870 Eyefinity 6 Edition? Mine only has mini displayports so I have to use minidp to dvi adapter.
Since the resolution is larger than 1920x1200, only the higher-end "dual link" dp->dvi adapters will work. The cheap ones will not. And if you want to run Eyefinity, you will need an "active dual link" dp->dvi adapter which normally costs over $80 per adapter, so you'd be looking at $240+ for three adapters, plus the cost of the 27" panels themselves. I didn't think it was worth it so I'm sticking to my 3 x 1080p setup.

Quote from abstraxion View Post :
What type of panel is this? I hope IPS?
This is a S-IPS monitor with slight defect(s).

Please note that LG is coming out with a new version of IPS soon called IPS4. I believe that is why these older A- grade s-IPS panels are selling for so cheap now... IPS4 is supposed to be cheap as well, and even better than current consumer-grade s-IPS panels:

Hope that helps!

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