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I am a die-hard android fan but the app disparity is quite glaring : CNN and Xfinity have no streaming apps for anything but iOS. Even HBO Go on my Infuse looks worse off than on my business iPhone 4S, though I still prefer the 4.5" SAMOLED screen on the Infuse to the puny 4S screen. Really wish Google would push for app parity from major players: even hulu plus requires the .apk backdoor for all Samsung phones and cannot be installed directly from the play store.

On the flipside, finding a free FTP client for iOS is next to impossible but is a piece of cake on Android.

Again I love android and have spent countless hours with my Infuse and former touchpad, but the iPad 2,4 looks like tablet to buy at this point, esp for those with a microcenter selling it for $360. Really wish this Apple-monopoly on apps would stop so we could have the best of everything on a good android tablet.