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Oh god, here we go again. Let's try and cut it off at the pass.

A: No - unless your account has less than 3 prepaid cards already registered to it. If you only have 1 or 2 prepaid cards registered to your account, you may add up to a total of 3. New cards added will qualify for the $10 bonus if they are loaded with $25 at the time of order.

Q: If I order 3 brand new cards and load them with $50 at the time of ordering, will I receive 3 $10 gift cards?
A: Yes.

Q: If I order 1, 2 or 3 brand new cards, but I do not load them at the time of order, will I receive my 1, 2 or 3 $10 gift cards?
A: No, you must load them at the time of ordering the card.

Q: If I already have 3 cards on my account, can I delete one and then order another?
A: You can not delete a card online, but you can call American Express to remove/disable/deactive a card attached to your account. HOWEVER, based on experience with their Serve payment system and previous prepaid card promotions, it is very unlikely you will receive the gift card as this would be considered fraud by American Express.

Q: Can a single person open up multiple pre-paid card accounts?
A: No - a SSN is required to create the account.

Q: Do I need to provide a SSN for EACH user of the up to 3 cards on the account?
A: No, only the primary account holder for the prepaid cards must provide this.

Q: I don't want to provide my SSN.
A: This is American Express, not Bob's Payday Loans and Beer - if you don't want to provide it then keep browsing for another deal.

Q: Is there a HARD PULL on my credit report?
A: No. There is no hard pull, although they may do a soft pull and/or verify history through a provider other than the big 3 such as TeleCheck. Again, THERE IS NO HARD PULL ON YOUR CREDIT REPORT.

Q: I have an American Express Credit Card, can I still qualify?
A: Yes - in fact you can and should use your same login to manage these cards

Q: Anything else I should know when setting up secondary prepaid card accounts (child accounts)
A: Make sure you make a note of the birthday you enter for each secondary user, you may need this information in the future to reset the pin number.

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