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If you want best re-sell value, make sure you or costco sales do NOT open the box. Best to have the outside seal intact. Most of the time, the sim is inside the phone box.

If you currently have regular sim but want microSIM, most t-mobile retail store have a "cutter". They can physically cut your SIM for you, they cut off the additional plastic piece surrounding the metal part. Plastic leftover now call an "adapter". Keep this. You can may need this for phone needing regular SIM. Be very careful when using the adapter with your micro sim...make sure it doesn't get stuck inside your phone. If your SIM is more than 5 years old, it maybe better to have t-mobile transfer your SIM content into a brand new regular or micro SIM. Heard stories/rumours that new SIM maybe "faster". They have special machine to transfer some (not all) SIM content, your phone contacts, photos...etc. Most local t-mobile store will have the cutter and SIM transfer machine & free service. YMMV.

If you need to transfer SIM, cut SIM, best to do it in t-mobile retail store. They are better equipped. Make sure all your lines work correctly before leaving store. I have 2-3 experience where transfer is incorrect to different number. Be nice to the salespeople ... they can give you free SIM ...

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I am a clueless newbie in the postpaid cell phone world, so bear with me. I want to do this plan at Costco for 5 lines for myself, wife, and 3 kids. This will be for a new account. Nothing to transfer. I only really want one S3, for myself. For the other phones on the plan my wife doesn't care what kind of phone she has as long as she can talk unlimited and text the kids once in a while. For the kids, I would like to use older T-mobile GSM phones we already own.

I have many questions. Should I buy five S3s anyway and flip 4 of them on CL? If yes, do the microSIMs need to be sold with them? I'm guessing not. So should I have the other 4 microSIMS activated or not, because the older GSM phones we own already take regular SIMs, not microSims, so I won't be able to transfer the microSIMs to the older phones, correct? Do I just tell Costco to activate the 1 microSIM plus 4 regular SIMs, then bring them home, and pop them in the old phones?

As you can see I need some help here about how to go about setting all of this up to get the best deal, which plan to do, and how to activate SIMs for the older non-S3 phones. Any step by step advice would be appreciated so I don't get taken by the reps at Costco or T-mobile. Thanks in advance.

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