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Quote from sklar View Post :
First pay attention to the part where I never said anything about loudness or expecting this to have 'bass that blows the roof off'. I just said I wanted it to sound BETTER than the internal speakers.

Read the reviews. People in the reviews say this speaker has no bass and sounds tinny. Now I haven't listened to it, but if I'm buying an external speaker to replace internal no bass, tinny sounding speakers and I end up with an external speaker with no bass and tinny sound, then I didn't get much of a deal.laugh out loud
Fair enough. However, for $30 and with BT connectivity this beats anything else out there. In my case, this is a great deal not because I am going to use it for music but because I stream English Premier League games and my iPad's speakers are not loud so for $30 I get a speaker that is louder than my iPad and is wireless at the same time. Not to mention I can take it to the beach and listen to music without having any wires to use. When I am in the beach I do not need a set of speakers with a load of bass but like they say: to each their own.