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Quote from ThatsNotADeal View Post :
Mixed reviews is exactly what you will get with Archos as well. I don't understand paying 30% more for the Archos name, but everybody has their comfort zone.

The Ampe A10 and the Sanei N10 are the same product, if you are looking for more reviews/user experiences. Also, let me clarify: I'm not trying to push you to buy the Ampe tablet, just giving my opinion of the relative quality and reputation of Archos products.
Agreed. You'd probably have either the same or better build quality with that Ampe than with an Archos product.

Archos is no longer a good household name back like in the days when they made $600 PMPs. They have tarnished their name and brand, and may as well be just another Chinese no-name at this point, from their tablet game.