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Quote from huevos View Post :
It's not that simple. Distribution on Steam requires an agreement between Valve and the IP holder. Depending on the terms of their agreement, it may be necessary to renegotiate distribution rights in the event of a Valve buyout and transfer of services. If the IP holder has changed their minds about distribution, or simply doesn't exist in anymore, Valve 2.0 may lose their ability to distribute it.

This has already happened plenty of times, but the most recent example that I can think of is with Direct2Drive. When they were bought out by GameFly, large sections of their catalog were eliminated, and users could no longer access them. This was due to licensing troubles. Some of it was tied up in holding companies that had no interest in doing anything but holding onto their IP. Some of had vague ownership that could not be resolved. And some IP owners simply changed their mind about distribution and used the D2D merger to pull out.

When Valve eventually folds, merges, or is picked apart by outside investors, this will undoubtedly happen. The question is whether anyone will still care about these games when it occurs. Given that Atari games are still being actively bought and sold, my guess is that it's going to be quite a problem.
I will bite.

Soooo... the solution is to buy all games in a retail box with CDs and the product keys ( I always liked having to keep the CD in the drive to be able to play). Where will I get the patches and updates when EA, etc go bankrupt? What happens if my dog eats the CD or the kids use it as a Frisbee?

Are Amazon downloads subject to the same vulnerabilitues during a corporate shakeup/bankruptcy/contact renewals? GFWL? Green Man Gaming? XBOX Live? Playstation? Etc, etc, etc....

I am not arguing your points but simply pointing out that every option has a vulnerability. It is uncessary and useless to post on a Steam Sale thread, once again, that Steam could go bankrupt. So could GM and Chrysler and people would lose thier warranty..... Hey! They almost did!

Very similar to people who like to post how they will not buy game XXXXX because it has DRM and they have principles. That is nice, but who cares?
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