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Quote from Muad Dib View Post :
I will bite.

Soooo... the solution is to buy all games in a retail box with CDs and the product keys ( I always liked having to keep the CD in the drive to be able to play). Where will I get the patches and updates when EA, etc go bankrupt? What happens if my dog eats the CD or the kids use it as a Frisbee?

Are Amazon downloads subject to the same vulnerabilitues during a corporate shakeup/bankruptcy/contact renewals? GFWL? Green Man Gaming? XBOX Live? Playstation? Etc, etc, etc....

I am not arguing your points but simply pointing out that every option has a vulnerability. It is uncessary and useless to post on a Steam Sale thread, once again, that Steam could go bankrupt. So could GM and Chrysler and people would lose thier warranty..... Hey! They almost did!

Very similar to people who like to post how they will not buy game XXXXX because it has DRM and they have principles. That is nice, but who cares?
At no point did I really argue against Steam. My response was simply directed toward those who think Steam will continue, with full game access, even if they go under or get bought out. A mountain of prior evidence shows that this will not be a case.

The point being made is that while every system of delivery has weaknesses, physical media with non-phone home DRM places the onus entirely on the customer. With Steam and Steam-like services, you place your faith in the distributor to stay afloat. Whether you opt to buy one way or other depends on your personal values and, of course, if alternatives are even available for what you want to purchase. But either way, believing Steam is "too big to fail" and that you'll always have access to your purchases is complete and utter lunacy.