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Quote from oemleria View Post :
Poetic is a rebrander. These cases are made from a reference design that is sold to a bunch of factories in china, each of which puts their own label on it. The reference design is the same as several other cases except they change the dimensions and placement of ports. So you're right, I've never actually seen this case. But I've owned the same case for other tablets (sorry, I can't remember which) and it is indeed "garbage."

Also, I'm not sure why you asked me about the treegloo case (I assume that's what you meant by igloo). I think that one is overpriced too. I also don't think there's anything wrong with the rebranded cases. In fact, here's the one I'm waiting for an amazon prime seller to add for the nexus:

Ipad version []

Acer Iconia version []

Galaxy tab 10.1 2 version []

Transformer version []

Notice that they're mostly different brands? BTW- the transformer one is $5 w/ amazon prime. I'll post it.

Here's one for the Nexus []. $5 free shipping, but pre-order until next month. I'm ordering it.
those do look nice for the price, but it's a different style of case. Some people prefer the "portfolio type look" over the "clasp on hardback type look". Still, what you linked looks nice, but how do you know they are not garbage? Also, do they have one for tf700?

Personally I like the slim fit type case that wraps around the tapered contour of these tablets (instead of right angle like a book). It protects the sides better than the 4-6 clasps of yours and yet still very slim. I have one for the ipad 2 but wish they would make one for Nexus or Tf700.