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T-mobile 12% or 10% off total bill
I just answered this in another post because I mentioned that I have a 12% off discount through the federation of american consumers and travelers on my DTMCSA rate plan so I thought I would share it with everybody. I'm not a member and have had this discount for over 2 years.Was super easy to add. Everybody should have at least one of the 2 I posted below Smilie

Here is how it works:

Call T-Mobile at 877-453-8824 and mention that you are a member of Federation of American Consumers and Travelers. Give T-Mobile the FACT promo code: 10045TMOFAV, if they ask for it.

FACT PHONE # 1-800-872-3228

Might be easier to add it through the online chat via (this should be no problem) but I recommend you call! Just say you have a discount code that you would like to apply to the account and just give it to them real quick and hang up, don't spend any time on the phone. Point of this is so they don't ask for further info. I added mine a while back and it seems like a hit or miss on them asking for FACT ID number.

T-Mobile did not ask me for my FACT membership number to verify membership. . If you have to join FACT to get your FACT T-Mobile discount, it is still totally worth it. FACT membership is only $12 per 3 months and you can join online at You can then cancel it within 60 days and get your money back, if you want. You are already a member, if your health insurance is through Golden Rule

link to sign up :

another option :

WOrst case scenario = add the freelancers union discount which is only 10% not the 12% like the above.

*ADD THIS VIA TMOBILE.COM ONLINE CHAT* click life then tmobile to see
You will need your t-mobile information, your member ID, name of the organization (freelancers union/ working today) and their phone number (800.856.9981)

THat's it! Completely FREE to join and only takes 2 minutes.

Everyone who has t-mobile should have at LEAST this discount. It is easy, free and completely legit.

HINT: In addition to having the phone number of the group (800-856-998) You need a member No, and the organization's discount code - 7777TMOFAV

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