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T-Mobile Galaxy S II No Contract for $299 @ Walmart &
NEW: Walmart Family Mobile is doing $100 in bill credits on their smartphone activations. Details here:

Available at Walmart Wireless locations now & Now available on

T-Mobile No-Contract Galaxy S II for $299 with activation in store on one of the following:
T-Mobile Prepaid Monthly 4G - $30 and up monthly plans. Monthly 4G Kits Have Arrived!
Walmart Family Mobile Activation or Verification of Current Account

New activation of Walmart Family Mobile (REQUIRES $25 activation kit, which includes SIM card)

Now Available with a $30 Prepaid Card Bundle @ [] for $329.99

(added additional info above for further clarification) 9/3/2012

Details for In-Store Purchase:
Existing Walmart Family Mobile customers are able get the $299 deal, just verify your telephone number and PIN to purchase the phone. Existing Monthly 4G Customers cannot get the deal - however they can activate the new phone and should be able to call in to transfer their previous account info into the new account.

I'll be answering questions here (also on the page linked below). Walmart does have these, look at the photos on the page. Ask someone competent in the Walmart Connection Center and ask if they have them in stock. They got the update on their computers last week (8/6/2012) on the deal and how it works. Stores received them between August 8th through the 13th - some earlier.

In-Store Deal Deal

WFM Variant: 610214630827
T-Mobile Prepaid Variant: 610214630810

Thanks to pacersman for the M4G UPC

Adding this to clear up questions
There seems to be a lot of incorrect assumptions on here as well as a lot of misinformation being given. Let me clarify everything. Also, it would be worth reading the info listed in the source.

This deal works ONLY at Walmart stores in the Connection Center. Stores should have received them and should have the info tags posted next to their Walmart Family Mobile display. There are no additional discounts or rebates available on this. The Galaxy S II is $570 outright, so you are effectively getting this phone for $270 off already.

There are two separate ways to attain the Galaxy S II for $299 in store:
¤ Activate a Walmart Family Mobile account. This will require a $25 activation kit, which includes your WFM SIM card. For more info on that, view the source. Existing customers of WFM should be able to get this deal after confirming their account.

¤ Buy the Prepaid variant - aka, the T-Mobile Monthly 4G Branded Box. This includes the Prepaid SIM card in the box, which they will activate for you. You must get a monthly plan valued at $30 and up.

Not all stores have these phones yet, but that has to do with their ordering system and their competence.
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