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Quote from spaceosc View Post :
Better camera (8mp) + MicroSD + Better CPU + Faster data on Tmo + Cheaper + Walmart doesnt ask many questions if u need to return it.

could try it for a month and see if its for youu.

also its on the short list for CM official devices, AOKP JB, CM10, AOSP
The Galaxy Nexus is absolutely worth the trade off. T-Mobile and Samsung ruined this phone with the ICS update. Mine was crashy, Bluetooth was glitchy (although to be fair, this is more Google's fault) and the whole experience was awful. Sure it does have a faster processor, but you'd never know that by how slow the thing was all the time. Get the Galaxy Nexus. You won't be disappointed.

Where are you seeing support for CM? It's always been for the international GSII, not the T-Mobile version.

Quote from WrSmega View Post :
its the US variant of the i9100. The difference is the body and the processor. The data speeds are faster on this version due to Tmobile "4G"
And the processor makes all the difference. The community around the T-Mobile variant is much smaller and slower than the international one.

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Steve Gibson on password policies []: I mean, I don't get this change it every eight weeks. ... It's not as if passwords are traveling by camel after they've been stolen, going to the bad guys, and so there's, like, some weird eight-week window, like, oh, we're going to change your password so that the stale password no longer works. ... And all this does is make IT people despised because users, who are not dumb, they think, why am I - why do I have to do this? What problem is this solving?