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I do agree with you about the community bit. Because each US carrier has their own variant of the Galaxy S2, there's no unified development although the T-mobile version has decent sized support
Well that's new. But I did have the chance to test an XDA dev's port of the nightly and RC on my phone. No one could hear me and the cell reception was horrible.
Steve Gibson on password policies []: I mean, I don't get this change it every eight weeks. ... It's not as if passwords are traveling by camel after they've been stolen, going to the bad guys, and so there's, like, some weird eight-week window, like, oh, we're going to change your password so that the stale password no longer works. ... And all this does is make IT people despised because users, who are not dumb, they think, why am I - why do I have to do this? What problem is this solving?