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Quote from Iceboie View Post :
I wonder if you can upgrade the S2 to the Jelly bean?

Well, you can wait for Samsung to release it []. But I wouldn't hold my breath on them making it a top priority.

I'd search around XDA forums and see if there's at least one group working on it. I'm guessing there is. I have a puny LG G2x (2011 phone) which has one group working on a Jelly Bean release for it.

Quote from nexus14 View Post :
Not everyone is on a capped data plan. I am on a $3 data plan that provides unlimited data access. When my internet went out last year for a month, I used approximately 100 GB. Since this is Slickdeals, I am sure there are many others that have the same low-cost data plan

T-Zones? EEK!

Quote from Zarich View Post :
Where can I get the nexus for prepaid service at $350?

Get it from Google's own store. []. Should be unlocked for T-Mobile at least.

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