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Quote from prezofdeath View Post :
Not trying to TC, but it seems like EVERY day there is a FP deal on SSDs. If there's an "amazing" SSD deal some point don't the deals cease to be amazing?

While it does seem like the trend will continue, you can't absolutely count on it. There are cycles in manufacturing, and this may be a period in which manufacturers thought there would be greater demand than there is, so they have lots of inventory.

And that's not to mention unforeseen circumstances. 1.5-2yrs years ago, 2TB 5400rpm drives were front page at $70 every other day. Then the tsunami hit, and the shortage, as well as the anticipation for the shortage, drove hard drive prices back up. For years, the average capacity of a $70 drive was doubling every year or two. Now, we're a few years away from 4TB drives reaching $70.

Anyway, you're probably right, but if you really need an SSD for a build, just pick a great deal and commit. It may be $10 cheaper in a month or two, but it may also be $10 more. For all we know, these may be the best prices we see until Black Friday.
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