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Quote from DarthSaver View Post :
You asked me my thoughts about the "gist" of the article matching 403's title. The "gist" of a Dahmer article is that a homosexual killed and ate people.
His sexual orientation is no more relevant than his religion, his hair color, or his shoe size to the matter at hand: he killed and ate people. No true news source would choose to throw his sexuality into the title; you're arguing a hypothetical that wouldn't happen.

This is the sort of tail chasing I was hoping to avoid by PMing LivninSC originally. You might as well throw out an article title like, "Straight Caucasian Christian Male Robs Store, Kills Cashier". If you're going to argue against a rule, you should stick to realistic examples.

Quote from DarthSaver View Post :
It's blatantly obvious that 403's intentions were to associate Republicans with wanting to kill Obama. Sad if you choose not to see it.
It's blatantly obvious that the article's intention was to make that association. Here's the first paragraph of the article:
Quote from the article :
A former soldier accused of killing two people and leading a plot to assassinate President Obama worked at the last Republican National Convention, it has been revealed.
403's source created the association, and 403 highlighted it. The source from his source might even be where he got the idea: Leader of Army Plot to Assassinate Obama Apparently Attended the 2008 Republican Convention as a Page [].

It's not like 403 altered the idea of the article, or even the focus. That is the crux of the issue.