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Quote from kugel View Post :
Can you tell what to put in the "GEN" and "Nokia Model" fields on
How to Unlock Tmobile Nokia 6030b type RM-75:

Quote :

Go to

Use the Nokia Dct4 online Calculator. Your IMEI is printed on the label on the back of the phone package (or press *#06# at your phone keyboard with the phone on).

Use the following settings:

Network: USA Tmobile in all areas
Nokia Model: ASIC 2(the 6030 is not listed).

Use the first code you get from the code generator.

Now, ensure the sim card is not in the phone. Power on the phone. You'll get a message on the screen about the sim not being in. Ignore it. The code generator will give you a code like #pw+075073514634212+1#. Use the following to type the #, p, w, and +:

Press # From The (Insert Sim) Screen
Press * 3 Times Fast For (p)
Press * 4 Times Fast For (w)
Press * 2 Times Fast For (+)
And Then Press The Final #

Some useful Info here! []

For Cingular Nokia 6030b type RM-75:

Quote :
How to Unlock the Nokia 6030:

This is for the Cingular Nokia 6030b type RM-75. If you get the newer RM-225 model you CANNOT unlock it through these sites! The model type is on the sticker behind the battery with the IMEI code.

1. Go to

2. Select phone model 6030B and select "U.S.A.--CINGULAR - Pacific Bell Wireless" as the carrier.

3. You will need the 15-digit IMEI number from the phone. It's on the sticker under the battery, and you can also get it by entering *#06# on the phone. (Both of these should give you the same number! Enter the number on the form also, and click "Get my codes!".

4. Remove the SIM from the phone (it's under the battery), replace the battery, and power the phone back up. It will say "Insert SmartChip".

5. Follow the instructions from the web page to enter the code. You should get a message "Phone restriction off" which means the phone has been unlocked.

You can now put your AT&T SIM (or any other SIM) back in the phone.

If the code doesn't work, do not keep trying. After 5 attempts your phone will be permanently locked to AT&T/Cingular.

There's also an unlock code generator at but I find the GSMLiberty one more friendly to use.
This information is provided for educational purposes
only, and you should understand that acting on this
information may irreparably damage your SIM and/or
your phone. As far as legalities go, check the contract
from your service provider, as some contracts may
prohibit this activity.

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