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I've heard rumors that there's firmware differences between the VM Evo V phones that are branded Sprint and those that are branded generic HTC. I found less people complaining abuot the Call/txt issues with the generic HTC branded ones, so I price matched to Best Buy who had newer stock than Radio Shack, got my reward zone points, and got a generic branded phone.

So far, so good. Some issues with 4G connecting but not responding, but I've only tried it twice so I'm not going to rule out that it could be a fluke. I upgraded from a Triumph and it's a night and day difference so far (as it was when I upgraded from that terrible Optimus V to the Triumph). No random reboots, none of the data connectivity and GPS issues, fairly sharp camera, bright screen, no having to manually kill tasks (like Facebook) because they can't connect to data. Plus, the phone is solid and not cheap like the Triumph (and it's back panel that won't stay on).

Basically, if you're looking for a cut rate phone plan, I can't think of a better option than the Evo V on Virgin. Everything just works, and works smooth at that. Sure, the new phones are twice as fast...but when you're having no lag with applications, why do you need anything more? The only thing keeping this phone from being just as good (from a usability perspective) as the big boys on the market is the lack of an OLED and the camera could be a bit better. And no Jellybean (yet).