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Quote from Highagain420 View Post :
Bright enough for what? Daytime viewing? With controlled ambient light you can watch in the day time just as with any reasonably priced projector. Heck my Optoma Ml500 LED projector @ 500 lumens is bright enough to view in the day with curtains closed and the fact that its LED light source allows me to use it for everyday television watching and video games. In bedroom I use a Optoma GT750E (3500 lumens) for 3D and movies and use a 3 year old 1080p Samsung 40" LCD for TV. I had the H5360 for a few days after purchasing on Ebay for $475 where the seller said it was new but turned out to be used so I returned it. At the time it was selling for $550-$599. The picture was bright and clear and the product itself was great, but the lamp replacement cost is just not worth it if you are going to use it all the time. At this price it is a great deal. The money saved can go towards a spare bulb which should give you a total of 6000 standard or 8000 eco hours of lamp life. If you can't control ambient light or need brighter with size and have a few thousand to spare get a LED HDTV like

Only a $3400 price difference Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)
I have a 55" led Sony right now that I'm quite pleased with... but I still have a hankering for a projector. I've wanted one since college.
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