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Hmmm, I bought one of these in November 2011 and was unaware of the USB problem -- either mine doesn't have it, or it's because I rarely use the USB. My Z68 motherboard still had one PS/2 connector on it, so I decided to switch the connection to that because that allowed me to power the computer on with a keystroke (Ctrl + Spacebar) with a BIOS option on my motherboard. USB only allows waking from S3 sleep, at least on my board. Additionally, PS/2 with this keyboard has no ghosting at all (up to five keys can be pressed simultaneously via USB if I recall correctly).

Overall, fantastic mechanical keyboard and a joy to type on. I should note, however, that for most types of PC gaming (particularly things with lots of hotkeys, like MMO's & Starcraft 2) I switch to a dirt cheap Logitech K120, because I think it lets me be a little faster with its short keystrokes. Plus they usually go for $12 so I don't mind abusing it while gaming.