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Quote from funky_herbal_t View Post :
I've been curious about getting a mechanical keyboard for a while now, but I can never remember which keys are which. Can someone say what would be the best keys for equal parts typing and gaming?
The Blues are tactile, meaning you will feel a bump when the key is activated, and they make and audible sound.

The Reds are linear, meaning they don't bump at all, they just slide smoothly as you press.

The Browns are tactile (less so than the blues) but don't make a clicky sound.

The Blacks are like reds, but require more force to press.

The rule of thumb is this: 80% typing, go blues. 80% gaming, go reds. Somewhere in between (or looking for tactile without the noise), go brown. If you type really heavy-handed, go black (these are probably the least popular)

This of course is a broad generalization and really it comes down to preference. But for starters most people recommend Brown.

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