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A question to Ooma users along the lines of the full 1080p streaming note....

Does anyone else find that high LAN usage degrades the Voice Quality with Ooma? I am interested in Ooma because of the consumer reports raking it so high ( I have tried GV, not very good quality imho)

Background on the question:
I switched from TW to Vonage two years ago, then switched back to TW after my first day with Vonage. Vonage is much higher than TW in the Consumer reports ranking (6 vs. 12). After a lot of diagnosing I found the problem of why the quality sucked. I could not use the internet heavily for other tasks if I was talking using Vonage. The day I switched to Vonage I was uploading ~5 GB of photos to PicasaWeb. Whenever I used the new Vonage while I had Picasa syncing between my PC and the cloud - the phone quality sucked. Everyone on the other end of the phone said I was all wet...I mean underwater.

Anyway, I immediately switched back to TW (I can't believe it came to this).

What I also discovered afterwards is that TW gives me 2 modems, 1 for LAN, 1 for Phone. Both modems connect directly to my one coax wire from the pole. So my TW phone does not plug into my LAN/Router, it plugs directly into my cable line. This is why, I think, that high LAN usage affected my Vonage service and not my TW quality of service. The Vonage solution shared my LAN connection with the 20 other devices on the LAN, while the TW phone is connected directly to the cable - a separate network. I could probably get another modem from TW and then use Vonage/Ooma on that separate network (have to add up costs)

Also: I have the TW RoadRunner Pro with some minimum guarantee.

So, that is the very long winded way of asking the question at the top Smilie